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Car: Acura TL 2006 Auto
Symptoms: High pitch whine or buzzing noise, bubbles forming in power steering reservoir, loud noise when turning the steering wheel.


DIY Upgrading your drag washer


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DIY Spark Plug Replacement Guide on an Honda Acura TL 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 3G J32A

Qty 6 – NGK IZFR6K11 //NGK (6994) Laser Iridium Spark Plug, Pack of 1

Tools Checklist:
3/8″ Socket Wrench (highly recommend a flexhead)
Qty 2 – 3″ Socket Ext. (very important to have two)
Qty 1 – 6″ Socket Ext.
5/8″ Spark Plug Socket
10 mm Socket
12 mm Socket
6 mm Allen Wrench
Breaker Bar (strut removal)
Flathead Screw Driver
Anti-Seize Compound
Dielectric Grease

Time Required: 1.5-2 hours

Torque Specs:
Spark Plugs – 13 ft. lbs.
Plug Gap – 1.00 – 1.10 mm
Strut Bolts – 21 ft. lbs.
Allen Bolts – To snug

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Toyota Highlander 1st generation 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 Transmission Drain / Refill procedure

There are many methods to everyone’s DIY but this is how I go about it when I want to exchange / replace the old fluid with new fluid. It’s the safest method that I have read if you know your transmission fluid has not been serviced for a very long time which is my case since I don’t have maintenance records to backup the car’s previous life.  So I try to replace 3.5QTS every 4-5k miles about 4-5 times and that should be around 90% new fluid.

Tools Required:
-10mm Hex Head
-Breaker bar or related
-Transmission fluid of choice 3.5 – 3.8Qts will be required to bring back to the required level (I used redline D4 / .3-.4 qts of racing)
-Drain Pan / container of some sort
-Paper towel
-Long funnel
-30 minutes

Torque Settings: 36 Foot Pounds for drain bolt!

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Ultra Green V10 Glow in the Dark Paint 1/2Oz
Click to purchase, purchasing from the link above helps support my addiction to innovate and help otheres 🙂 Thnx RA!

Here is the cheapest and most high-quality effective solution that I could think of in adding night glow sights to your Walther PPS or any gun with recessed sights. Total cost is around 15-20 dollars and you can use the paint on other useful projects!

Materials Needed:
– A couple toothpicks
– Glow Green V10 Glow in the Dark Paint (Use URL below)
– Gun with recessed sights
– Steady hands so don’t drink a mtn dew or three cups of coffee
– Automotive Clear coat / Clear Nail polish / Epoxy (take your pick) this will help seal the V10 Product in place.

Product Details on Green V10 (pulled from glow’s website)
.Brightness Rating: Very High (~33000)
.Duration: Very Long (24+ hours)
.Glow Color: Green-Yellow
.Daytime Color: Almost Clear with White-Green Tint
.Green strontium aluminate phosphorescent
.Particle Size 55-85 microns
.Brightest Glow Paint Sold Anywhere
.Dry time is 10-15mins

Ultra Green V10 Glow in the Dark Paint 1/2Oz
Click to purchase, purchasing from the link above helps support my addiction to innovate and help otheres 🙂 Thnx RA!

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Washing machine Model: Maytag MAV5000AWW
Total time spent 10minutes + 10minutes looking for my screw I dropped. So technically 10minutes but could take longer. =)

Tools Needed:
Combination Screw Driver 11-1
Putty Knife
10mm Socket with Extension
Part Number: 35-6780, 35-6465 ,35-6434, 21002240, 21001873, and LP128
Maytag/Magic Chef/Admiral/Jenn-Air

Amazon link to the exact product listed below (hover over with your mouse to verify the link):
Maytag Washer Drain Pump

Items you will need listed below!!

1 Quart = 4-5 drain refill procedures
Red Line 30504 D4 Automatic Transmission Fluid – 1 Quart

1 Qty
Syringe 100CC/ML

Then hit up Home depot, lowes, ace hardware etc and purchase a hose that fits snugly on to the tip of the syringe and follow video directions!


4x 194 168 5-SMD White High Power LED Car Lights Bulb


Astro Pneumatic 4505 5-Piece Fastener and Molding Remover Set

TYC 5710031 Nissan Maxima Passenger Side Power Non-Heated Replacement Mirror

Fram CA9360 Extra Guard Rigid Panel Air
TYC 800009P Toyota/Lexus Replacement Cabin Air Filter