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Product Comparison between the Vexilar FL-18 vs. FLX-28
Old School vs. New School

Table of Contents:
Skip Intro: 2:00
Noise Test: 2:00
Product Dimensions: 3:00
Headunit Additional Details: 3:33
Input Connectors: 5:04
Face Dial Differences: 5:52
Transducer: 8:19
Ultra Pack vs Pro Pack: 9:32
Eye Bolt: 12:38
Weight Comparison: 13:45

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Should I upgrade from the Vexilar FL 18 to the FL (FLX) 28?

Unboxing of the Vexliar FLX-28 Pro Pack PP28PV

Biggest surprise I found was “MADE IN JAPAN” even my FL-18 was made in Japan and it’s 11 years old!

Paid 571 + tax = 611 OTD